Our Voice: Tough choices confront voters in year ahead
by Press Editorial Board
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2012 promises to be a year of tough choices. Not just for elected leaders — who must adeptly wrestle with ongoing deficits, demands for increased services and the typical stresses of politics — but for voters.

Locally, there’s a chance to turn over a majority of the City Council.

Mayor Brent Ives, who has served on the body since 1992, is running for what will, one way or another, be his final term at City Hall. Councilman Steve Abercrombie and Mayor Pro Tem Michael Maciel also find their seats up for re-election, and while neither has said with certainty they will run again, the safe money is that these two men with deep local ties (and rumored mayoral ambition) will defend their seats.

And then there’s Councilman Robert Elliott, who two years after securing his seat is looking to represent the south county on the board of supervisors. If he wins and departs, the council’s complexion could completely change — it’s up to voters to maintain the status quo or shake up the council’s makeup.

Voters also have a chance to have a major local impact via a statewide election. Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to ask November poll-goers to increase the state sales tax, he says to spare schools from kindergarten through the University of California system even more drastic cuts.

And we’re not even mentioning the races in the state Legislature, Congress and the White House.

So far, fresh faces are few and far between in these races, from the top on down. But there’s still plenty of reason for voters to stay tuned and attuned — there’s far too much at stake to disengage.
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January 08, 2012
No confidence in Ives or Maciel so no vote here. I've heard that his own police department won't back him, why should the public? Whether mayoral or council, Abercrombie will get my vote.
January 08, 2012
You're right againstallodds. Maciel doesn't have any support from the police officers association, and he's losing community support too.

Ives on the other hand is never around and never takes a position on the difficult issues so it will be hard to guage his success in the election.

They can both count on no votes from this voter too.
January 08, 2012
And to think, I thought this was Ives' last term. Guess I better put the bottle away and stop celebrating until after elections.

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