Your Voice: Labor Day thanks to the builders of America
by Toby Cummings, President of the Associated Builders and Contractors Golden Gate Chapter
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While the Tracy Press often covers the many contributions made by our community’s working men and women, I hope that on this Labor Day we can all highlight the efforts of a particular group that sometimes goes unnoticed — the construction industry’s merit shop craft professionals.

Merit shop craft professionals are highly trained and highly skilled, performing in the wide varieties of jobs in the commercial and industrial construction industry that include carpenters, electricians, masons, pipe insulators, plumbers and sheet metal workers, just to name a few. But, what sets merit shop workers apart from others in the construction industry is that they can be multi-skilled.

The evidence of their hard work is all around us. They build the offices where we work, the schools our children attend, along with hospitals, restaurants, stores and the other venues that make our communities unique.  

So this Labor Day, let’s thank all the construction craft professionals, regardless of labor affiliation, whose hard work building America each day improves all of our lives.  

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September 04, 2011
Unemployment is depressing sinkhole for many Americans this year. Hopefully the people that blamed Bush and claimed it was all about greed will wake up from their nightmare now.

Bush only promised to stay the course and he kept that promise. The problem is we now have about fifty percent of the voters who love to vote for a liar.

That is because they want gay agendas approved and middle class families to pay more for their agenda.

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