Mountain House inches toward high school
by Kevin Young / Tracy Press
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The Mountain House high school is slated to be built in this area off Mascot Boulevard.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Plans are going forward to build a high school in Mountain House for the 2014-15 school year.

Lammersville School District now offers education to kindergarten through eighth graders, and high school students are bused to Kimball High School in Tracy.

But after voters decided to unify the district in 2010, plans got under way to build a high school so the district could educate students all the way through 12th grade.

Superintendent Dale Hansen said the high school would kick off the 2014-15 school year with freshmen and sophomores, who are now fifth- and sixth-grade students.

“Our goal is to open it on the 2014-15 school year … depending on development and state money,” Hansen said.

“If we’re going to open a high school, we’re going to want it to be full,” added Hansen, who intends on having a school big enough to house up to 2,000 students. “We’re in the planning process right now.”

Hansen said that the district wants about 500 students to attend when the high school opens. There are now 409 fifth- and sixth-graders in the district.

The total cost for the high school is estimated at $90 million.

The new high school in Mountain House will be located at the southeast corner of Mascot Boulevard and Central Parkway, just south of Wicklund Village behind the fire station, according to the Mountain House Community Services District website. The school will be set on 46.5 acres.

“For a school of 2,000, that’s that minimal amount of acreage we need,” Hansen said.

It’s a three-phase development, Hansen explained.

Phase 1 will see the administrative buildings, gym, business center and enough classrooms for underclassmen.

The next year, Phase 2 would include construction of upper-division science labs, a second gymnasium and a theater.

By the time seniors attend the school, Phase 3 will have added enough classrooms for 1,000 more students and an aquatics center.

Hansen said there will be a committee meeting Tuesday, March 1, that will delve into further detail about the plans, and there will be a meeting with developers on March 21.

Once the state matching funds are amassed, he said, the district will accept bids for the project from contractors.

“When we feel comfortable financing it, then we’ll move forward with the project,” Hansen said.

Hansen explained it’s important the high school has advanced, cutting-edge technology for students. In fact, local schools in Northern California have been researched to gather ideas for the new school.

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February 25, 2011
You need to educate yourself in CA School Finance.

Building a school uses different funds; funds that cannot be used for salaries.

Of course more teachers will be needed when the high school is completed- right now those students are being taught by Tracy Unified. So TUSD will see a drop in enrollment which will result in a drop in ADA (Average Daily Attendance) dollars from the state. Those dollars would then go to Lammersville.

There are other funds from the Federal Gov't and from the State that also cannot be used for salaries of anyone BUT teachers; those that have direct interaction with a student. Those funds cannot pay the Administrator that approves the curriculum or for the payroll person that issues the check to the teacher!

If only it was as simple as you tried to make it....

February 25, 2011
so we have money in education to build fancy new schools but not to pay teachers? I don't get it...layoffs of teachers all over the state and country...but here's talk of building a brand-new state of the art school?

I'm all for education...more schools = yes! But you can't run a school without this with no funding for teachers and it becomes an empty building for the uneducated kids to loiter in, deface and do things they shouldn't be doing (drugs, sex, violence). Bassackwards thinking folks...cart before horse...and any other euphemisms you can think of!

Let's fund EDUCATION rather than administrative egos...

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