Your Voice: Tracy Press delivery a big deal
by Kathy Breeden, Tracy
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My husband and I have been residents of Tracy for 18 years. We have always had a subscription to the Press. Even when the paper had to go to one day a week delivery, we still looked forward to reading what was going on in town. Sure we could go online and get updates but it’s nothing like holding a paper in your hand and slowly reading through it and catching up on what the City’s doing. For the last five weeks I have had to call the Tracy Press and ask them to please deliver a paper to my home because the carrier skipped my house again. Yesterday, even though I called I never even received a paper. I know it know may seem like a small request but what does it take to get a paper delivered every Friday to my home?

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November 02, 2013
Neighbor on the right got it yesterday but not week before. Neighbor on the left got it last week but not yesterday. I have gotten it once in 4 months. Quail Meadows subdivision.
September 13, 2013
I would pay for delivery to get the Press. I live in a semi rural area and want to see the news, ads, and garage sales.
September 06, 2013
I've never brought it up because I feel silly complaining about something that is no cost to me but yea we sometimes don't get the paper either. I haven't figured out if it's not getting delivered or if someone is picking it up and walking off with it. I see them laying in my neighbors driveways as I drive off to work, so they must be getting delivered. It's kinda sad if someone is actually taking it. We haven't gotten one the past 2 Fridays, Oh well I figure I'll just go buy one if I really need to have a copy. All the ads just go into the recycling bin and most of the content is online.
September 05, 2013
I couldn't agree more. I called every week for two months straight because our entire block was missed. Sometimes it gets redelivered, sometimes it doesn't.

If the new owners want this city to support the Tracy Press, they need to hire people who will get it to us.

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