Your Voice: Third-graders celebrate Constitution
by Tiffanie Heben, Tracy
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A recent Stockton Record editorial (“Linked to our own past,” Sept. 26)

stated that Sept. 17 was the 225th anniversary of the United States Constitution. The editorial made it sound like few people noticed this important event.

However, the third-grade students at South-West Park Elementary School here in Tracy did many things to celebrate Constitution Day. We watched the Schoolhouse Rock video “I’m Just a Bill”; we discussed what it means to be a good citizen; and we learned how the Bill of Rights protects us when we criticize our government.

Finally, we talked about how we can write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper when we want to share our perspectives with other community members.

We hope that others are as excited as we are about celebrating the amazing document that is our Constitution.

• Editor’s note: This letter was sent on behalf of Julie Guest and her third-grade class.
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October 05, 2012
Obama celebrated Constitution Day by wizzing on it.
October 15, 2012

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