Your Voice: Stadium could bring growth
by Benjamin Henderson, Tracy
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In Tracy, there are not enough fun activities for people to do. The main attraction in Tracy is the mall. Bringing a minor league sports team to Tracy would create something fun for people to do and would create jobs to benefit our economy.

A new stadium could be built near downtown Tracy. The sports team would create jobs for people to work at the stadium. It would bring in more revenue from people spending money there. Team merchandise could be sold in local Tracy stores. To attract people to attend games, there could be $1 dollar hot dogs nights, firework nights, fan appreciation nights, local high school students could even be selected for the team. The team would be centered on a fun family atmosphere for the entire Tracy community by offering affordable tickets.

While the sports team is out of season, an annual rodeo could take place at the stadium. The rodeo would be great for Tracy, since San Joaquin County is known for agriculture. This event would not only further give people another fun activity to watch, it would also help the economy. Local vendors could sell food and merchandise at the rodeo.

The sports team and the rodeo would create a foundation for future businesses to invest in Tracy when they see the potential success of this project — especially if the sports team is winning and the rodeo has people come from all over the county to support it every year. The more businesses that invest in Tracy, the more potential activities and opportunities could be developed. It could turn out to be an enormous opportunity for growth in Tracy.

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February 15, 2013

Do you find learning fun?

Do you find reading enjoyable?

Are you able to amuse yourself through your own efforts?

Do you exercise?

Do you ride a bike or go hiking?

Or do all your "fun" activities involve sitting and sedating yourself?

Do you really need the City to provide you with your entertainment?

Take it from a guy who doesn't subscribe to television service, there are many ways to have "fun" without expecting a City to provide it to you.

February 08, 2013
"Stadium could bring growth"

Yes. That is one of the many problems with a stadium. We dont need more folks crammed in here.

The benefit of stadiums is generally over-hyped. Several economic studies of the impact of stadiums have concluded that they have more or less no effect on local economies. The city ends of taking a bunch of taxpayer money to build the stadium. Then they tout the jobs that are created by the stadium while ignoring the ones that were lost when those burdened with the higher taxes have less to spend. Stadiums just shift around wealth. They dont actually create any.
February 08, 2013
I would love to see a minor league team here Benjamin, but with the A-ball California League Stockton Ports and Modesto Nuts within 30 miles of us that seems unrealistic. These teams would have territorial rights to block such a move and would do so to protect what this would do to each teams finances in the same way the Giants are doing with stopping the A’s from moving and building a new ballpark in San Jose.

It’s a nice suggestion and dream Benjamin but realistically with our population of around 82k that would be considered low to support a team, not just fans but also for advertising revenue. For that field of dreams to occur either the Ports or Nuts would have to make the commitment to want to move here and pay for a percentage of the cost of constructing a ballpark, since taxpayers and the city can’t afford to take the gamble. It won’t be a build it and they will come moment.

February 08, 2013
Ok, I have to ask. What sports team? Professional? Amateur? Who's going to pay for a sports stadium? Building a sports stadium isn't like "A Field of Dreams" scenario. People aren't going to flock to Tracy to watch so-so sports. "Local high school students could even be selected for the team"? Huh?

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