Your Voice: More Denham opinion & substitute teachers needed
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Denham was irresponsible


Last week, three letters to the editor defended Rep. Jeff Denham’s vote to shut down the government and threaten a default on the national debt as a “principled stand.” A fourth letter implies that Denham’s vote was irresponsible. Which was it?

In “The Godfather,” Michael Corleone describes an event in his father’s life to his girlfriend. He tells how Vito held a gun to the head of a recalcitrant businessman and said, “Your signature or your brains will be on that contract!” There is a difference between negotiating and negotiating with a gun to your head.

Dr. Strangelove, in Robert Altman’s movie, developed a bomb that would destroy the entire planet. The threat to undermine the full faith and credit of the United States is the financial equivalent of Strangelove’s bomb.

The proper way to implement your policies in a constitutional republic is to win elections. Threatening to default on the national debt, likely causing a worldwide recession, should not be in the toolkit of either party.

No president, Republican or Democrat, should face such a threat by a faction of one party in one house of Congress — not now, not ever.

Rep. Denham’s vote was irresponsible.

Mickey McGuire, Tracy

Tracy needs teachers


In the ’60s, The Who put out a song named “The Kids are Alright,” trying to reassure parents that, despite a seeming revolution in youth culture, their kids were just fine. Today, though, the youth are not revolting. It is a situation in Tracy schools.

During the recent financial crunch, Tracy Unified School District dealt with some of the shortfall by stopping the hiring of substitute teachers. Teachers could not understand how that represented a savings, but someone must have believed it did. It has become commonplace at school sites all over the district for classes to go uncovered when a teacher is absent for health or educational reasons. In those cases, rather than having the principal or another administrator called in to cover, the students are parceled out to other overcrowded classrooms and given busy work in the hopes that they will stay out of trouble.

Apparently, the problem is a few isolated emergencies, but it is a regular occurrence at school sites all over the district. When the issue came up at the local teachers association meeting recently, we were all shocked at how extensive the problem has become. The association has been in discussions with the district, which claims to be working on it.

We hear so much about dangers to our kids. Often, it seems there is so little we can do. Many problems take place at a state or national level. But this time, there is something you can do. Go to a board meeting and fill out an official request for information regarding how many times classes in Tracy are going without a substitute. Then come to the next board meeting and demand a change. The board listens, but for too long, they have only heard from administrative staff that tells them, “Everything’s fine, the kids are all right.”

Mike Chivers, Tracy

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November 08, 2013

I don’t expect ya ta reply cus I know how much ya dislike th way I write an suspect th way I thank. But just so ya don’t thank this is fer yer ego I write specifically ta th others readin yer letter an th comments ensuin below.

Ta answer yer first question, it was a principled stand. His motives were genuine an if it held up th budget it was because others in Congress wouldn’t approve what was on th table, which virtually was everything that eventually got passed save for fundin of ACA. An considerin th overall outcome of ACA at present, along with th overall dissatisfaction of th public about it’s implementation, out of pocket costs an loss of current insurance plans that either canceled thair policies or priced them out of th range of what they can afford, I have ta say that it appears Denham was right an th rest on his side should have stuck tat hair guns instead of cavin in ta a renegade president who purposefully ordered his minions ta punish th American public by th closure of National Parks an Monuments.

November 08, 2013

Funny, they were all supposed ta be on furlough an not have any money ta operate with but the managed ta pull off a heroic effort ta print signs, erect barricades an threaten th public with arrest fer basically walkin on land an facilities that are owned by that public.

As ta yer allusions ta th movie industry, as proof of yer comments; let me suggest ya get yer mind out of fanciful Hollywood an inta th real world.

I do sort of agree however with one of yer comments, “The proper way to implement your policies in a constitutional republic is to win elections,” but would add that after th election is won ya don’t need ta continue ta campaign like many of our upper level politicians seem ta be prone ta do.

Ya muse, “No president, Republican or Democrat, should face such a threat by a faction of one party in one house of Congress — not now, not ever.” This spawns th question, why then did th president an his followers do exactly that?

Don't worry about not replyin cus I have been accustom ta yer rhetoric as ya continue ta be this area's Democratic party whip, somethang ya have been doin fer decades.

November 08, 2013
Wait just a coton-pikin moment. Denham wants to balance the budget and now he rotated the wrong way like WonderWoman and instead of turnin into our hero, he turned into Al Capone? What kind of bird cage are we linin?

Didn't McGuire write letters praising the economics of the ACA - and now he is alluding to some fictitious personal attacks, that sound more like made-for-TV, Halloween style, haunted-house, Zombie, horror, evil-villinous, stories about Denham?

Whoa dude, when I studied debate, they reprimanded us for that childishness, personal, or character attacks. They claim that is called the logical fallicy of ad-hominem (to the man) personal attacks? Didn't MacGuire teach us that in his own classroom?

I would like clarification from the teacher. When you're teaching, writing, saying anything, including forward looking statements (and that includes last years articles on textbook-ObamaNomics), we were supposed to do as you say and not as you do?

You see, I'm actually paying more now. So, where's the economic sense in that? As an American, I would like to have a serious debate about our debt, without being labelled, "Dr. Strangelove", or some other movie villain.

November 08, 2013

Really liked yer questions;

"Didn't MacGuire teach us that in his own classroom?" (regardin ad-hominem personal attacks.


"I would like clarification from the teacher. When you're teaching, writing, saying anything, including forward looking statements (and that includes last years articles on textbook-ObamaNomics), we were supposed to do as you say and not as you do?"

Th answer ta th first question is, yes he did.

Th answer ta th second is, as he says an not as he does.

Anyone with half a brain that sat in any of his classes learned very quickly if ya didn't do an thank exactly like he said an tried ta do has he did with yer independent thankin, was rewarded with bad grades as he nitpicked through yer classwork an attempted ta force ya inta his personal line of thankin.

I say this precisely because I was one of those unfortunate students in his class that was graded down because of my political persuasions. Even my classmates were amazed that their grades were better than mine. Incidentally, I graduated frum a university with a 4.0 GPA in th sciences. Funny, I couldn't manage ta get above a B in his class.

Ya see, ole Mickey is really was th classroom bully that everyone worries about in taday's classrooms. He got away with it because it wasn't in vogue ta do anythang about it unlike taday. Times change but people like Mickey don't cus he still does it.


If ya take this post down I understand. But it had ta be said fer those who don't have a long history on Mickey an his political machinations.


November 08, 2013
And oh yes, Mr McGuire, Jeff Denham did win his election, and did his job in a responsible and principled manner, unlike any Democrat I can think of. The passage and implementation of the ACA has been a giant deception perpetrated against the American people.
November 08, 2013
"The proper way to implement your policies in a constitutional republic is to win elections."

Fact, that's exactly what happened when the Republicans took over The House in 2010. Why were so many elected? Mainly to stop the ACA.

Why was the ACA still passed? Because Obama and his henchmen pulled a Vito Corleone on every Dem who had reservations about passing the bill. Oh yea, as I said 3 years ago Obama was lying about a number of aspects of the ACA, unless you are not paying attention I'm being proven right. Isn't lying to get your way a little Vito Corleoneish?

You remember our debates about the ACA 3 years ago? Actually it wasn't really a debate as I had facts on my side so it was more of an enlightenment for you. Take note, everything I told you would happen is happening and the worse is yet to come.
November 08, 2013
The proper way to implement your policies in a constitutional republic is to win elections.

Couldn't agree more. So when you have a single piece of legislation that you spend all of your political capital to pass, like the ACA, don't tell a pack of lies to the American people in order to get support. Don't tell people, "If you like your insurance you can keep it" when you know from the beginning that it is not true!

Just imagine, if the President and the Democrats had rolled out Obamacare and said, the legislation will make thousands of existing policies inadequate and you will have to find new insurance with minimum mandated coverage and pay more for it.

Tell the people the truth, like when days before the rollout, the website and infrastructure is simply not ready and you know it, and your GOP opposition is asking for a year delay in order to keep the government open, just deal with them honestly and do what is best for all Americans!

If the American people had known the truth about the ACA from the beginning, there is no way it would have passed Congress, and we would not have had the showdown in Congress over this horrendous piece of legislation.

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