Your Voice: In remembrance of September 11th
by Steve Abercrombie, Tracy
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Eleven years ago today

No one really knew what to say

Our country was turned upside down

There was silence in every town

The attack came at quite a cost

We mourned our heroes that were lost

The enemy was standing tall

They believed that we would fall

But that is not the American way

We yelled loudly, “We’re here to stay”

As in the past united we fought

We vowed our foes would be caught

Our troops traveled to a faraway land

Some referred to it as “sucking sand”

More of the brave did perish

Their sacrifice we do cherish

So today remember the numbers nine-eleven

And all of those who went to heaven

We pray for their souls and loved ones left behind

Our country is the greatest you will ever find

• Editor’s note: Steve Abercrombie is a member of the Tracy City Council and has two children serving in the armed forces.

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September 18, 2012
Everyone should read Democrips and Rebloodlicans. OK he's a bit looney on some issues. But when it comes to the two party tyranny, bribery and corruptness. I think he's hit the nail on the head and we need change!
September 17, 2012
Hey Wobbley, Do you mind expanding a bit on your six word reply? Do you belive the US is at fault for what's happening right now in the Middle East?
September 17, 2012
What's sad is in the shadow of the 9/11 anniversary we come under attack again yet the current administration and much of the media keep living in denial.

In general the Muslim world despises the US and our way of life. The attacks on our embassies and the uprisings going on right now have nothing to do with some lame movie. The movie is the excuse appeasers like the Obama admin and left leaning media like to use rather than facing the hard truth. It's them not us, we are not the problem.

I hope enough people wake up in time to send Obama packing in a couple of months and I'm not saying that as a biased republican. Give me a moderate democrat who's actually run something in life other than their mouth, isn't inept, actually loves this country, and knows something about economics, I'd vote for them if it get's Obama out.

September 17, 2012
Someone else is always the problem.
September 17, 2012
Very good letter!

Yes it was an excuse.

Our administration is too busy getting lap dances to notice the issues?

And the media thinks just because something went out on youtube we don't need to know the truth, or that they take innuendos from nameless faceless organizations as fact and report the movie as the cause?

I do not believe the media. There is an advertisement for one TV news agency that says less speculation and more fact.

In this case, the media took speculation and ran with the story of youtube instead of reporting on the 2012 attack. I think because they falsely believed that the youtube sensation that is rising is the bigger news story?

Even public radio/tv did the same thing. Joe VP's lap dance was a bigger story on public radio stations. Ya they all got a laugh on wait wait don't tell me, but it's kinda sad that our news is dumbed down to Joe's lap dance story over our embassy's safety.

September 18, 2012
The original attack sounds to be pre-planned. We all know they hate us and they will continue to plan and try to bring us down for as long as I will live.

The following unrest had a lot to do with the film. The guy who made it added fuel to the fire. I'm all for free speech. But with free speech should come some responsibility. Knowing that we are in a precarious position with these crazies, why would you make the film? Any one with any common sense would know it would cause a problem.

For those Repubs saying Obama had Intel that this would happen and did nothing...maybe. But don't be the pot calling the kettle black. There was Intel prior 9/11 too and what did Bush do? We need to pay closer attention to our Intel.

So thanks...NOT to the guy who made the film. Oh yeah he is a convicted criminal. Hmmm. What a dumb*ss. As for the extremists. You can't reason with them. That is obvious. So here's my question, what do we do about them? Any REAL solutions? idk.

God Bless the people who died on 9/11. God bless the all the people who helped on the 9/11 sites. Many are now sick. I thank them and wish them well. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the families of the men killed in Libya.

September 24, 2012
] In later reports, U.S. officials said that the Benghazi attack appeared to be

"complex" and professionally executed. [28] U.S. officials, speaking under anonymity, said that they believed the Benghazi attack was coordinated and planned in advance, and not prompted by the

film. [29] Al-Qaeda has indicated responsibility and said it was in revenge for a U.S. drone strike that killed Abu

Yahya al-Libi, an al-Qaeda leader. [30] In an exclusive interview with NPR in Benghazi, President Mohammed el-Megarif says foreigners infiltrated Libya over the past few months, planned the attack and used Libyans

to carry it out. [31]

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