Your Voice: High-tech future out of reach
by Al Galaviz, Tracy
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On June 21, the Tracy Press ran an article on how our city leaders want to attract High-tech Silicon Valley companies to Tracy ("Tracy vying for role as Silicon Valley satellite," Page 1).

The idea has merit, after we stop laughing at this idea. We are close to the Port of Stockton and Stockton Airport to accept Merchant Marine and Air Freight traffic; we are at a railhead, a trucking hub and great location to move freight up and down the West Coast of California and surrounding states.

Sadly, this will never happen, because our city leaders do not know the difference between a microchip and a cow chip. They have no idea what a T1 line is all about and the need requirements. They think they will attach all these high-tech firms and then hit them with outrageous fees, permits and taxes. I am sure all these high-tech firms are dying to move to Tracy to see all the assorted farm animals and our super-duper upscale downtown business center.

The City Council is drawing at straws, trying to make up for lost revenue now that the real estate boom is dead on arrival. Our city leaders think a big green farm machine with yellow wheels is state-of-the-art technology.

In addition, how can Tracy complete against cities like Santa Clara, San Jose, Cupertino and Mountain View that have large staffs, budgets, public relations groups and money to help these high-tech firms?

Many years ago, high-tech firms looked at our city but kept on going to Sacramento, after being told by our city leaders at the time that computers and the Internet were newfangled gismos that would not amount to anything. Telling Apple Computer, "Your products do not work and you may go out of business." They were dead wrong. Have you checked? Apple sales for 2012 were in the billions of dollars.

The truth is it is easier to have a 40-year-old tractor repaired in Tracy than a 3-month-old PC or Macintosh computer. Sadly, the proof is, I have to drive 40 miles to San Leandro to have my computers repaired or upgraded. A high-technology hub Tracy is not.

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July 27, 2013
"I have to drive 40 miles to San Leandro to have my computers repaired or upgraded"

Methinks thou exageratist a wee bit are doth be too picky. There is a Best Buy in Tracy that does computer repair. There is also a computer repair place on Corral Hollow near Grant Line. There are also probably a few hundred computer repair places between here and San Leandro.
July 27, 2013
Al has never been one to let facts and reason stand in the way of his predetermined position.

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