Your Voice: Big Mac-sized disappointment
by Olivia P. Jong, Tracy
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My reaction after reading the article “McDonald’s to open near Tracy High” in last week’s Tracy Press was disappointment. Choosing healthy foods continues to be challenging for people in general, especially young people. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we are eating ourselves into a diabetes epidemic. The International Diabetes Foundation says that “diabetes and obesity are the biggest public health challenge of the 21st century.” 

It would be great if another Jamba Juice were built in Tracy — it’s a successful franchise and a much healthier option.

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August 31, 2012
We have a few Jamba Juice in Tracy and even though people say they want Jamba Juice over McDonalds, a quick look at the number of people in line tells all what people want.

However, one thing bothers me about this type of thinking. I.e. I would prefer this type of fast food over that type of fast food.

It's like arguing about our favorite football team and saying my team has more superbowl rings than yours, so there.
August 24, 2012
I find it interesting when someone voices an opinion but while in the course of doing so unwittingly shoots it down with their own words.

Olivia complains about McDonalds yet states: "Choosing healthy foods continues to be challenging for people in general, especially young people."

Let's focus on the word "choosing". Last time I checked we control the choice of what we eat, not McDonalds. Other than my parents forcing me to eat my vegetables when I was a kid I can't recall a time when anyone forced me to eat anything I did not choose to. I can't recall ever reading a story about someone holding a gun to someones head and forcing them to down a Big Mac.

Olivia goes on to state: "we are eating ourselves into a diabetes epidemic."

I completely agree with this comment, however, where does McDonalds become a part of "we" or "ourselves"?

Personal responsibility has nothing to do with McDonalds, "we" do not have to go there to eat, "we" can "choose" to eat healthier if "we" put out a better effort to be more disciplined in our food choices.

Here's a little reality, close every fast food joint and it will do little to solve the obesity problem.
August 24, 2012
Well put!!!
August 30, 2012
Thanks this is like gun control blame the gun not the person. In this case blame the food not the person choosing to eat.
August 23, 2012
Jamba Juice is NOT healthy for pre and diabetics. Sugar(s) are the number one cause of obesity. Jamba Juice is NOT the answer.
August 24, 2012
Exactly Jamba Juice is Not the solution.

I think our city is full communists,this is capitalism

free enterprise, not Comminst China. The City

should have no right to dictate where Mcdonald's can

as long as zoning allows it.

No wonder all major companies run from our

city its the communist type of control they have over



How about all of the concerned parents teach their

Kids' Proper Food Nutrition?

I think our children need proper Facts on food

nutrition. I do agree that the Federal Government

does nothing to help us in this matter.

Do you guys realize that if we as a nation

banned just HFCS. (corn syrup) from

all foods this would eliminate 25 percent

of the obesity and diabetes epidemic?

But no our Government wants us to eat unhealthy

thats why Corn Farming is one of the most

subsidized crops in the United States..

Wake Up to the larger conspiracy!!!!'

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