Your Voice: Airport worth notice
by Dan Kiggins, Tracy
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Airport worth notice


Why didn’t more residents from around the area attend the Tracy Airport Open House during this past weekend? It seems a shame that an airport with such an interesting and proud history would remain so oblivious, insignificant and underappreciated by the residents of Tracy. Many people worked very hard to prepare and produce the event, including the organizers, entertainers, pilots and various support folks involved. It’s almost a certainty that when the city starts building homes and parks around the perimeter of the airport, it won’t be long before some residents in the area begin complaining about aircraft noise and safety. It is also a near certainty that the Federal Aviation Administration and a diminishing number of community members will remain committed to keeping the airport open, preserved and maintained into perpetuity, while soon celebrating 100 years of service to the area. Take some time to recognize and appreciate the history of our airport, instead of hoping to wish it away.
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August 02, 2013
I thought the event was well organized and marketed. If anything, the 100 degree heat kept people off the hot blacktop.
July 09, 2013
Why didn't more residents from around the area attend the Tracy Airport Open House during this past weekend? Because the organizers of this event did a poor job of informing the community. In the weeks leading up to the event.
July 04, 2013
I suspect most folks are less opposed to the airport than you think. They are more likely indifferent to it.

While I live close enough to the airport (Schulte & corral hollow) to hear the occasional low flying plane I don't "wish it away." The airport presents less of a hazard and less noise than would the few thousand residents that would occupy the space if houses were there.

That said, an open house at an airport does not exactly excite me. An airport is a utility. Much like a road or a bus station. Not exactly an exciting thing to visit. My work also requires me to travel a lot so I already spend more time than I would like in airports. Having seen airports in a dozen or so countries and dozens of cities I can say that they are all pretty much the same.

Ours is also a more or less useless airport. There is not a single commercial airline that flies out of our lands at it. Sure a few rich weekend warrior flyboys get to play there but it is absolutely useless for the rest of us.

Finally, you cant attend something that you didn't even know was occurring. I cant say I saw the open house advertised or mentioned anywhere.
July 08, 2013
I love taking my family to Special Functions like Air Shows but when the citizens aren't made very aware of these things how can one complain. I am curious just how this EVENT was advertised?

The airport doesn't bother me either way because there is no noise in the evening.
July 22, 2013
I don't fly a plane..but the airport could be an important asset to Tracy and bring in corporate jets IF THE CITY HADN'T SCREWED UP THE LANDING STRIP. This is an important fact. Reducing the runway to under 4,000 feet is important to rulings for pilots. My gripe is "Why didn't the City make the contractor redo the strip when they found out it was a substandard job, short some 3 feet from the original length?" and now we get to do it all over again and PAY THE CONTRACTOR AGAIN.

Buddy system at work here.
July 22, 2013

What "buddy system"? The airport manager was replaced last year. Any new contracts would be discussed with a new airport manager, with taxpayer approved funding by the folks at City Hall. Unless the airport (Sky View) could be sustainable (without taxpayer funding) and pay for its own runway. The assessment of the few feet of runway, was always in the context of small pieces of runway breaking loose. The length issue came as a way to save funding to fix the primary issue, in order to prevent damage to propellers. It can easily be extended a few years down the road, by a new contractor as contracts are selected by lowest bidder - FYI. What justification is there to pay for it now? Fact is, not many people show up for an airport open house. More importantly, prop planes were everyone's MAIN concern, as the majority are prop planes.

Moreover, not to forget jets, but there was a small jet on the flight line this weekend. The length of the runway is not having any impact on number or types of planes at the airport. They come for cheap fuel. So I am curious where do you get this type of information or if you assumed it yourself?

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