Your Voice: A woman of integrity
by Karenna Costa, Tracy
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Today after a Bob Elliott for supervisor brochure was left at my door, I noticed the endorsements he lists are mostly local politicians. With no community endorsements to speak of and no real record of service to our communities, I am dismayed at the money behind his run for a county Supervisor seat. Yes, he has had a short stay on the City Council — which he hopes to abandon early.

I am watching this county position because my mother, Evelyn Costa, held it from 1980 to 1992, preceding Leroy Ornellas — she became the first woman in our county to sit as president of the board. As she retired, she passionately encouraged women to run for office because “a woman in the room can make all the difference.”

My mother was a woman of integrity, and I am supporting another one this year — Rhodesia Ransom — for the 5th District seat on the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors. I don’t do this lightly, but coming upon an honest and sincere candidate is rare. I want others to know more about her qualifications, far exceeding those of her opponent, Mr. Elliott.

Backed by special interests, Elliott has one sheriff’s endorsement, but Rhodesia has the endorsement of four different sheriff’s associations. Her other endorsements show her strong commitment to education and youth, as well as a prestigious endorsement from the state attorney general for gang prevention and public safety efforts.

Contrary to what the Elliot campaign says, Ms. Ransom’s two union endorsements are from San Joaquin County — Mr. Elliott sought them, but did not win them.

Ms. Ransom believes in high-paying, professional jobs for the county to increase our economic and social standing, and her work in the community reflects this. She is engaged with University of the Pacific to bring training to Tracy schools for this purpose; she co-chair’s Delta Academy Mentoring Program; and her nonprofit helps young girls with their self-esteem to develop as happy, healthy professionals.

Ms. Ransom is a genuine good citizen with devoted public service, a good heart and a record to match. She was vice forewoman of the grand jury and now chairs the Tracy Planning Commission. At University of Phoenix, she teaches public policy, where she advocates for the social and economic importance of not shipping water out of the area. (I mention this to counter another fabrication of Elliott’s campaign — Ransom does not support the peripheral canal.)

Ransom’s election would make a huge difference in terms of equal representation at the county level. Women’s voices need to be heard and represented, as do minority voices — now 40 percent of the district population. I want Rhodesia Ransom in that board room, which will only add to its effectiveness and integrity.
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November 03, 2012
This Peripheral Canal scares the begebers out of me. People supported the President's Solyndra idea until they went bankrupt.

People supported the President's high speed rail until they decided to build a ten mile stretch south of Fresno.

Now everybody is running from the Peripheral Canal?

"Ken Salazar, secretary of the interior appointed by President Barack Obama, said the tunnels were an important step toward fixing the state’s “broken” water system"

November 03, 2012
Tunnels? Really?

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