What she thinks about his look: Three men's hairstyles women prefer
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Your haircut says a lot about you. In fact, according to new research, it says more than anyone might think, especially in the eyes of women.

To help guys figure out which haircut works best, Wahl Clipper and Opinion Research Corporation conducted a study on the styles women prefer and what those looks say about the guys sporting them. Based on some of today’s most popular styles, here’s what women think:

Suave side part: The iconic side-part donned by classic movie stars and ad executives of the 1950’s is making a major comeback. In fact, it is the most popular among women, with one in three finding it attractive. As far as what this look says, the majority of women think it is suave, distinguished and intelligent looking. Plus, because it’s a classic style, it appeals to women of all ages.

Trusty crew cut: This popular look is the perfect combination of traditional and preppy, turning the heads of just over one in four women and earning the trust of just under half of them. In addition to trustworthy, women equate this look with being smart. As it turns out, going a little shorter on the sides and leaving some length up top is best for attracting young women between the ages of 18 and 34.

Buzzed and confident: Women like a man with confidence, and that’s what the buzz cut says to her. Whether it’s the clean lines or the sheer boldness of the style, women see this style and think of assertiveness. This style works with on-the-go guys and is easy to maintain thanks to new, more convenient cordless hair clippers, such as the Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper.

Because of new products available today, guys looking to achieve these styles can do it on their own. More information on hairstyles and what women say about the men who sport them can be found in Wahl’s new "Hot Hair" infographic.
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