UPDATE: Police identify Tracy man in fatal crash
by Joel Danoy
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The driver of a Dodge truck is believed to have struck this bus shelter and bench on the 1100 block of Holly Drive before crashing into a wall on Saturday, July 27. The 73-year-old Tracy man later died at a local hospital from undisclosed injuries he sustained in the crash.
The driver of a Dodge truck is believed to have struck this bus shelter and bench on the 1100 block of Holly Drive before crashing into a wall on Saturday, July 27. The 73-year-old Tracy man later died at a local hospital from undisclosed injuries he sustained in the crash.

Police on Tuesday, July 30, identified 73-year-old Pedro Rosales Arteaga as the driver who died as a result of a vehicle crash on Saturday, July 27.

The Tracy resident was driving south on Holly Drive around 10:05 p.m. when he allegedly lost control of his Dodge truck, according to Sgt. Kami Ysit of the Tracy Police Department.

Rosales struck a metal sign, a light pole and a bus stop bench and shelter before hitting a wall on the 1100 block of Holly Drive, just north of 11th Street.  

He was taken by ambulance “to a local hospital,” where he died about three hours later from undisclosed injuries, Ysit said.

She was unsure of the hospital’s name but said it was not Sutter Tracy Community Hospital.

No other passengers were in the vehicle, and no other injuries were reported, Ysit said.

The crash is still under investigation.

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August 05, 2013
Absurd: Cody while criticizing his 85 year old mother's driving, stating he received 4 speeding tickets in 30 days.

Disturbing: Knowing this comes from the same guy who a month or so ago admitted to having at least one restraining order issued against him.

August 03, 2013
I got 4 speeding tickets in 30 days. Had to go to court on a FTA for one of them. Had my 85 year old Mother drive me to court. She sped in the same place I got my ticket, Passed on the right as we were merging onto I-5, And, Ya' shoulda seen that circle as she straightened it out on Kasson and 11th St. Almost hit 4 cars, she heard none of the horns honking, Good thing she does my laundry. I had her pull over and I drove illegally the rest of the way. Mom won't remember it, I lost 10 years off my life, They don't get in wrecks, they leave a trail of them wherever they go.
August 01, 2013
I am a senior within that age range. I am not on any medication that would effect my driving. I just passed my DMV driver's test and passed the vision test without glasses. I have had eye surgery that improved my vision so that I don't need glasses except to read. I haven't had a ticket or accident in many years. That accident was the fault of a young driver not paying attention. I think some new rules should apply to seniors, but not as drastic as suggested. Some of us are careful, courteous and drive much better than many of the "Jerks" out there. It is not a matter of age, it's how you drive. The problem is with texting, DUI's, speeding, and talking on the telephone that should be better regulated.
August 01, 2013
actually, though it may seem harsh, TracyCitizen's idea does have merit.

I live right near this accident and from what I've been told by some neighbors who were at the scene, the driver had been prescribed narcotics and told not to drive...yet was driving. He had a health condition that demanded the meds...and chose to drive while on medication that speficially said not to drive.

now...this is an any age issue, but...here's the things with older drivers:

1) often they have vision, health or mental (Alzheimer's) issues that might make driving a less than ideal idea.

2) they are often on many different medications for things that happen as we age...and doctors can't have a "this is the effect when these are mixed" for all medications. this can impair driving.

3) most importantly...as we age, we slow down. not everything around us follows that slow down. I watched my grandparents age and start to become a bit more scared behind the wheel.

there is no easy solution, because we're all unique, but I think that including the SOLUTION of having a local taxi service to provide transportation is GREAT!!!

and for what it's worth, I worked for an eldercare website...I care.
July 30, 2013
Without knowing how or why the accident occurred, I suggest this:

Every licensed driver 70-80 years old should be required to pass a driver test and vision test every year. After 8o years old the license is revoked and the city provides a local taxi service for groceries and medical appointments.

I think this would solve some of the problems with elderly drivers.
July 31, 2013
Your suggestion is silly and completely unsupported by the facts:


July 31, 2013
So, you're looking for a new solution to an "old" problem? Well, I have a suggestion.
August 01, 2013
Did you think about what I believe to be the case with most lousy elderly drivers, which is they were probably lousy young drivers?

How about we revoke the license of every bad driver regardless of age?

Better yet, let's get on board with the save the planet, humans are causing global warming nuts who would prefer we all use public transportation, walk, or ride bicycles everywhere we go?

Yep, there's the solution, ban all privately owned vehicles, bingo!

August 01, 2013
I hope you don't live long enough to have this problem !!!!

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