September 01, 2014
As a matter of fact, just two big celebrations in the United States are Scottish Independence Day and French Independence Day. French Independence Day - Bastille Day is a major event in New York and in Oregon. And, the Scots hold parades in many major U.S. cities on their historical day. You might read up on these on the internet. There are others like St. Patrick's Day...
September 01, 2014
It is MORE than a 2 or 3 year void and HE was one employee that was promoted from within with very little knowledge of that position. I also deem that the TUSD board is to blame for not monitoring the time to retire him much sooner. Dr. Stephens: Accountability and integrity is what has been lacking in our district especially in the last 10 years and your leadership will move us in the right direction. You answered it on the last question, it starts at the top. It is very wise of you to hire employees you've worked with in the past that have proper knowledge, experience, credentials and, more importantly, trust, to our district where there is NO trust! You're doing a magnificent job and producing many happy employees. God bless you and your family.
September 01, 2014
Also, ethnic celebration isn't just about unity, but about separation. In fact, it might be more about separation. Take La Raza as an example. Take any ethnic group that feels as if they need to create an association for themselves. Sorry, but I belong to one association--America--but this association is strangely balkanized.
September 01, 2014
Some people choose to embrace a history which goes back 500 years; others choose to embrace a history which goes back 1,000 years; others more choose to embrace a (pre)history which goes back 10,000 years; and then there are others, still, who choose to embrace a history which goes back to the Big Bang? Now, some people are rabid about their ethnicity; they are staunch about celebrating and preserving their heritage; and some see the world through the ethnic lens they have fashioned and tenaciously defend, and they have a "right" to do so, though some seem devoted to remind us of the injustices associated with their identity. History is important, but how important ought it to be, and for what reason. Now, there are some people who realize ethnicity is an "accidental," something we have no control of, though, if we are so driven, we may be in control of our character. For me, ethnic identity is a superficiality, something I don't concern myself with. These people who celebrate ethnic holidays actually crack me up, because most of them don't know anything about history. Don't be a prisoner of your ethnicity. Also, be wary about using history to defend your ethnicity.
Council Agenda: Responses for Grand Jury report
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This is the preliminary agenda for the regular meeting of the Tracy City Council at 7 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 333 Civic Center Drive. The full agenda can be found at City Hall or online on the city website.
Discussion items
•  Public hearing to consider adoption of a resolution revising the implementation guidelines of the residential growth management ordinance
•  Public hearing to consider an appeal of the planning commission’s denial of development review application for a 45,000-square-foot medical office building at 445 W. Eaton Ave. and a parking lot at 418, 424, 432 and 434 W. Eaton Ave.
•  Approve an amendment to the master fee schedule to modify the development services public improvement plan check fee
•  Approve the San Joaquin County master radio communications plan; authorize a land lease agreement with the county of San Joaquin for installation, maintenance and operation of a county-owned public safety radio communications tower and equipment; approve an amendment to the joint use agreement between the city and the county for communications facilities to include the radio tower; and appropriate $2.5 million from the city’s general fund for new communications equipment and site improvements
•  Receive an update on the City Council governance strategic priority for fiscal years 2013-15
•  Receive an update on the City Council quality-of-life strategic priority for fiscal years 2013-15
•  Discuss and provide direction on a City Council policy for filling City Council vacancies and vacancies occurring in the office of mayor
•  Approve responses to the 2013-14 San Joaquin County Grand Jury reports on: (1) Tracy Municipal Airport: development vs. safety zones; and (2) agency approval of responses to grand jury reports
Consent calendar
•  Acceptance of the slurry seal project completed by Tefler Oil Co. doing business as Windsor Fuel Co. of Pittsburg
•  Authorize replacement of 49 Taser devices and the purchase of an additional 37 Taser devices, along with related equipment from Pro Force in an amount not to exceed $125,000
•  Adoption of a resolution approving a memorandum of understanding with the South Side Community Organization
•  Approve a reimbursement agreement with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for the preparation of technical review and consultation services for the Tracy Hills Specific Plan project
•  Approve a general services agreement, not to exceed $240,000, with Advanced Building Cleaners Inc. for services required for street, alley and parking lot sweeping
•  Authorize entering into an agreement with the state of California Department of Transportation, related to the portion of Interstate 205 from the west city limits at Holly Drive to the east city limits at MacArthur Drive
•  Accept the Tracy Boulevard overlay project completed by Knife River Construction of Stockton
•  Approve an exclusive negotiating rights agreement by and between the city of Tracy and Andy Zarakani for the city-owned property at 729/741 Central Ave. (the former Westside Market)
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