TUSD fills vacant seat
by TP staff
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The Tracy Unified School District school board has selected Kelly Lewis to fill the seat vacated by longtime member Bill Swenson.

Lewis was picked from a field of seven candidates by the remaining six school board trustees during a special meeting at the District Education Center on Thursday, Jan. 3.

He will serve the remaining two years of Swenson's four-year term.

Swenson resigned from his position in December after 18 years as a board trustee.

Candidates were interviewed by trustees for 10 minutes and then the selection was made.

Lewis will be officially appointed at the next school board meeting on Jan. 8.

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January 04, 2013
Since school board officials are an elected position I am wonderin why thair is no outrage at th school board's actions similar ta th outrage of many who feel th City Council is somehow remiss in thair responsibilities by virtually doin th same thang in appointin a person ta fill a vacant council position?

When it comes ta matters relational ta education isn't th elected school board tantamount ta an elected City Council? Why is it OK fer one elected body ta appoint someone ta fill a vacant position yet when th City Council does it suddenly, fer some, it just don't seem right?

One would thank th arguments against appointments would apply ta both elected bodies.

While I don't have a problem with either appointments in this case I do wonder why it's considered wrong fer one an yet no one has any complaints why it ain't wrong fer th other?

Someone care ta explain cus I am certain I am not th only person that would like ta understand this?
January 04, 2013
I am pleased that a selection was made without the expense of a special election.

Kelly Lewis is the best choice! Welcome back.

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