Sheriff: Man found in sleeping bag died of alcohol
by TP staff
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San Joaquin County Sheriff’s detectives attribute the death of a Visalia man found inside a sleeping bag in October to alcohol poisoning, according to spokesman Les Garcia on Thursday, Jan. 10.

Because the case is considered open, the county coroner’s office could not release details about how much alcohol was in the body of Joaquin Lopez Perez, 25, when he died.

His body was discovered in the bed of pickup by California Highway Patrol officer Shellie McCrary around 1 p.m. Oct. 3 following a traffic stop in the area of Highway 132 and Welty Road. McCrary stopped the pickup — and its driver and a live passenger — for allegedly exceeding the speed limit.

After discovering the body, sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene. Investigators called the case suspicious.

Garcia said no charges were filed against the two men transporting the body, who Garcia identified as Perez’s father and a male family friend who were taking his body to Merced.

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January 12, 2013

If debdaves works for the Tracy Press she can say whatever she wants about Republicans?. And if so it may take her five days to remove her comments. But if she runs the newspaper she has the right to say whatever she wants? I don't know.

Anyway I am glad you complained until they removed that comment. Maybe debdave's husband is a "reputard" and what she really means is she wants a divorce? There could be a lot more going on there, but I agree with you, her comment crossed the line and it took too long for the Tracy Press to take action. I guess if its one of your own its ok?
January 11, 2013
After reading this it's no wonder the gutless wonders at the Tracy Press can't enforce their own rules, intelligence has left the building. To wit:

"McCrary stopped the pickup — and its driver and a live passenger"

1) Unless we have vehicles I'm not aware of which can drive themselves around I think "and it's driver" is pretty obvious to any intelligent person.

2) "a live passenger" Um, the dictionary may come in handy to the writer, to wit:

pas·sen·ger (psn-jr)


1. A person who travels in a conveyance, such as a car or train, without participating in its operation.

2. Informal A person who participates only passively in an activity.

3. A wayfarer or traveler.

Good so far, right? But wait:

per·son (pûrsn)


1. A living human. Often used in combination: chairperson; spokesperson; salesperson.

2. An individual of specified character: a person of importance.

3. The composite of characteristics that make up an individual personality; the self.

4. The living body of a human: searched the prisoner's person.

Take note of the references to living, hint, passenger would have sufficed.


January 11, 2013
Let's see how the Tracy Press responds to my First Amendment right to free speech. I like how one of my comments which opined about wishing the TP's advertisers would take a look at the garbage TP allows on this website was deleted same day yet a comment about shooting republicans stayed up for 5 days.

Hmmm, I'm sure this one will be gone real skippy like.
January 11, 2013
3 guys in a pick up, two in the cab and a dead dude in the bed wrapped in a sleeping bag. No offense, but was this supposed to be a wake or something?

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