Second Thoughts: An error in education
by Jon Mendelson/Tracy Press
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Last week’s column about the Give Every Child a Chance tutoring program contained a vital error. And it’s on me.

Amy Moore is the director of the nonprofit’s Tracy-area efforts and the main source for my story.

Somehow, I got her last name completely wrong. I called Moore “Amy Brooks.”

The mistake wasn’t bad only because it shortchanged Moore. It’s a double mistake, since Amy Brooks happens to be a real person who is also deeply involved with local education.

Brooks, according to Tracy Unified Superintendent Jim Franco, is one of the administrators for the district. While I’m sure she’s doing a great job, she’s definitely not the head of the local Give Every Child a Chance chapters.


My sincere apologies to all involved.

However, there is some good news to share regarding GECAC. The Tracy Unified board gave its collective thumbs-up to let the program start a site at Jacobson School — the first Give Every Child foray into the Tracy Unified School District.

It’s our Great Call of the Week.

What a state our city’s in

Wednesday’s State of the City address by Mayor Brent Ives covered a wide range of topics regarding Tracy’s future, but most prominent was the city’s economic development.

With any luck, I’ll get into the city’s economic future in next week’s column.

For thoughts on the rest, I’ll post a series of short columns on my blog at the Tracy Press Web site, More Second Thoughts.

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March 30, 2010

When I concluded by comment to Jon with “keep up the good work,” it was not sarcasm. Jon is a skilled writer, but often needless pronouncements mire (and mar) his writing. I will not apologize for having admiration for Richard Mitchell, The Underground Grammarian, who was concerned about anyone who put his thoughts to print. It is a responsibility many of us poorly execute—and I don’t claim to be a literary aesthete.

Why the invectives? Why do I threaten your conscience?

March 30, 2010
Dear "Victor_jm":

Newsflash: If there's one more thing the world DOESN'T need, it's another pompous, arrogant blowhard. Thanks so much for your own gratuitous grammar lesson, but nobody cares what you think or say. Of course, you're probably all too aware of that, why else would you waste everybodys time with your cerebral vomit on a comment page about an online article correction in the Tracy Press. You should branch out to larger papers...try the LA Times or something with more than 10,000 readers. You're bound to get your inane criticisms read by a fellow basement dweller. I think your mommy is calling you for dinner.

Have fun being "that guy".
March 28, 2010

Well, it is good you didn’t get Amy’s last name “incompletely” wrong. Also, this sentence should have been omitted: “While I’m sure she’s doing a great job, she’s definitely not the head of the local Give Every Child a Chance chapters.” First, the information in it has already been addressed, so it is redundant. Second, you have no knowledge of whether the administrator is doing a good job, so, again, delete the gratuitous presumption. Had I made a similar error, it would have been corrected in no more than two sentences.

Keep up the good work.

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