Savvy Business Secrets: Eight reasons to celebrate mistakes
by Victoria Buckmann
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Most business owners and entrepreneurs are haunted by the fear of failure. We have been taught — and taught well — to fear making mistakes.

As business owners, we fear mistakes could cost us money, profits, relationships and, worst of all, our entire business.

It is possible to take an entirely different attitude toward mistakes. I encourage you to consider this: Instead of fearing mistakes, let’s start to celebrate them.

To establish a creative environment, you must send out the message that failure is not fatal. As businesses strive to keep up with technology changes and be at the cutting edge, innovation requires taking risks. Taking risks goes right along with making mistakes.

Here are eight reasons to celebrate mistakes in your business.

1. Celebrating mistakes gets them noticed, and they can’t be corrected until they are out in the open. Shining a light on goof-ups allows them to be seen and fixed.

2. Mistakes provide valuable feedback. They are part of the learning process.

3. You know you are taking risks — remember, cutting edge — when you are making mistakes. This is evidence that you are stretching your limits, growing and learning.

4. It is OK to make mistakes. We are human, and the celebration of a mistake lies in the learning that comes from it. When we goof, we can admit it and then move forward to correct it.

5. Celebrating mistakes is inclusive. We all make mistakes, and when we notice them, others step up in the spirit of cooperation to make improvements.

6. Sometimes we miss the target. The good in this is that we had a target, a goal, in the first place. Having a clear goal is important to success, and missing it gives you opportunities to take another shot.

7. Mistakes happen when you are committed to making things work. They go hand in hand with a commitment to quality and integrity.

8. Beating ourselves up for making a mistake often creates more damage than the mistake itself. Choosing to celebrate the mistake changes that energy and restores the openness of mind that makes it possible to find a solution.

Are you allowing room for mistakes in your business and with your employees? Are you ready to start celebrating mistakes?

•Victoria Buckmann is a local business consultant.Contact her at or 832-8259.

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