Rolling with a good cause
by Glenn Moore
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Skating for a cause
David Goad roller skates down MacArthur Drive as he begins a 10-mile trip to West Valley Mall on skates to pay off wager for raising funds for Multiple Myeloma research on Friday, Aug. 31.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Heading down MacArthur Drive with his red cape flapping behind him in the afternoon breeze David Goad skated along the pavement as he raced the rush hour traffic heading out on the first leg of his trek.

Dressed in SpongeBob SquarePants boxers and vintage 1980s roller skates, Goad was on a mission to raise funds for cancer research with a 10-mile skate from the Hidden Lakes subdivision in southeast Tracy to WestValley Mall on Friday, Aug. 31.

Goad, 51, is raising funds for research on Multiple Myeloma, an incurable cancer that affects plasma cells in the body. Goad’s older brother Jeff has the cancer and has been fighting the disease since being diagnosed in May 2010.

Looking to raise funds, Goad issued a challenge on Facebook that he initially felt was a joke. He would skate one mile for every $50 raised in a two-week period that ended Aug. 24.

His friends came through with $510 in donations and Goad was set for the 10-mile skating adventure to make good on his promise.

“Most crazy things I do start with a bet," Goad said.

He planned his skating to take place on rush hour at the start of the Labor Day weekend. His outfit of a bright red cape, SpongeBob SquarePants holiday boxer shorts and orange Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation shirt was sure to be noticed on his route.

“If I’m going to be seen, I’m going to be seen” said Goad as he readied his outfit.

He topped it off with a pair of black vintage roller skates from his days when he and his brother Jeff worked at a roller rink while attending college at Purdue University in Indiana.

Goad was joined on the trip by friend Sean Dyer who filmed his skate across town and running partner Victoria Rynberg who ran while wearing a cape as well.

“I run all around the streets of Tracy but this will be the first time with a cape,” she said.

Preparing for his 10-mile skate, Goad made five seven-mile trips under the cover of night using a headlamp to guide his way while he got used to roller-skating on the bumpy streets and sidewalks along the route.

Hearing of his brother’s plans to raise the funds for research, Jeff was grateful for his brother’s efforts.

“I am extremely proud of David and what he has done, it’s the definition of brotherly love," Jeff said in a telephone interview before his brother headed out on the road. "I am thankful for all the support he has given me in the last two year, especially in the in the first year (of his cancer diagnosis)."

David, his brother Jeff, and their younger brother Brad will soon begin fundraising for their run together in the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 7.

They have been training for the marathon that they hope will raise about $5,000 for cancer research into Multiple Myeloma. So far they have almost $2,000 pledged toward their marathon run with about 6 weeks left to fundraise.

With Jeff is taking chemotherapy, David said their pace in the marathon may not be the fastest, but they hope to finish and raise funds and awareness for the disease.

“The idea is we cross the finish line together," Goad said.

Getting ready to face the traffic and looks from curious onlookers, Goad said he wasn’t worried what the public might think about his roller skating costume.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes, what ever amount of humiliation I can," he said. "Nothing compares to what my brother is going through. I’ll do whatever it takes to inspire people to donate and bring attention to the research."

Donations to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation for Goad and his brother’s Chicago Marathon run can be made at
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September 04, 2012
Why on earth did the camera crew have to take a picture up underneath his sponge bob square pants underwear? I reeeeeaaaly did not want to see that.

Honestly, I haven't seen that much exposure since the Burning Man festival where the fat guys walk around with only a long t-shirt, as sort of an air-conditioner in the hot Nevada desert during the summer solstice.


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