Remember When: Baked goods for... ?
by TP staff
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This week's "mystery photo."
This week's "mystery photo."
Last week's "mystery photo."
Last week's "mystery photo."
Today’s Remember When “mystery photo,” top left, shows three Tracy women setting up a table to sell baked goods in downtown Tracy in May 1977. Who were they, what organization did they belong to and what was the sales event?

Last week’s Remember When “mystery photo,” bottom left, showed a 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 four-door sedan photographed at Lincoln Park.

The photo was taken by a Press photographer, probably in late 1957, to announce the arrival of the 1958 model cars. Standing behind the Olds were Joe Castro (left), local Olds dealer, and a member of Castro’s sales staff.

Rick Vital identified the make, model and year of the ’58 Olds in the photo. He said his family had a nearly identical Olds of that year. The car featured a J2 eight-cylinder engine with three two-barrel carburetors.

“It was a rocket,” Rick reported.

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July 27, 2012
I remember when we could have baked goods sales at schools etc and not the governments boot on our throats about it. Sad times we're living in now.

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