Our Voice: Three cheers for volunteers
by Press Editorial Board
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There’s something to be said about pointing out the flaws in government and the shortcomings of society. There’s more to be said about those who actually roll up their sleeves and try to fix those flaws and shortcomings.

This week, the nation honored the people who invest sweat equity in their communities as part of National Volunteer Week. Here in Tracy, both the city government and Sutter Tracy Community Hospital formally honored those who donate their time and effort, while they could be spending it working, with family, or just relaxing.

All those volunteers deserve the thanks they’ve received.

In that spirit, we want to thank all those who give of themselves but have not been feted by a ceremony, luncheon or certificate, including those who support the McHenry House Tracy Family Shelter and Tracy Interfaith Ministries, which celebrate their 25th anniversaries this month largely because of dedicated donors and volunteers.

We take the time to honor those who give time, money and care — no matter how much or how little — because those people make Tracy the city it is.

And that is a city with a well-deserved reputation of having a huge heart.

New charitable efforts spring up every year, and somehow people find the money and talent to make them successful.

When someone is in need or a charity finds its cupboard bare, without fail Tracy’s residents rally.

If somebody is in trouble, others find the time to pitch in.

Time and again, residents have proven themselves during good times and bad.

Without the many people here who give of themselves, this city would be just another town on the interstate. But because of the people who live here, Tracy is a unique and special place that we’re proud to call home.
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