Martial arts: Castro Martial Arts collects gold in Vegas
by TP staff
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Castro Martial Arts and Cardio Kickboxing brought home another collection of medals from the Sin City Rumble/National Blackbelt League West Pac National tournament Saturday and Sunday in Las Vegas.

Top athletes for Castro Martial Arts included Kenohe Leonor, 12, who earned gold medals in both point sparring and continuous sparring in the boys black belt 12-14, 99-pound class.

Also winning double gold were Clay Smith, 11, in the boys black belt 11-and-under 99-pound point sparring and continuous sparring, and Alejandro Alamilla, 11, in the boys black belt 11-and-under 88-pound point sparring and continuous sparring.

Alejandro teamed up with Taylor Pruett, also 11, to take first in the mixed boys-girls black belt sparring. Taylor also placed second in the black belt 11-and-under girls point sparring and third in the girls team sparring.

Also competing for Castro Martial Arts in the boys black belt 11-and-under division was Jack Herrick, 9, who placed first in the 66-pound class in continuous sparring and second in point sparring.

In the boys black belt 11-and-under 55-pound class, Adrian Gomez, 8, placed first in point sparring and second in continuous sparring; and Nick Galvan, 9, placed first in continuous sparring and second in point sparring. Johan Alamilla, 9, placed first in under-belt 11-and-under 55-pound point sparring.

In the girls black belt 15 to 17 division, Harlie Curiel, who started the season as a 17-year-old and recently turned 18, placed second in point sparring and third in continuous sparring.

The men’s black belt 18-and-over division featured gym owner Julio Castro, 27, taking gold in 162-pound continuous sparring; and Mikel Recinos, 20, placing second in Japanese traditional weapons and third in Japanese traditional forms.

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