Maciel to run for mayor in 2014 election
by Joel Danoy
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Michael Maciel, mayor pro tem
Michael Maciel, mayor pro tem

Michael Maciel, Tracy mayor pro tem, is running for mayor of Tracy in November 2014.

Maciel announced his intentions in a press release to the Tracy Press on Monday, July 22.

"I was hoping to not have to announce my candidacy nearly a full year ahead of the 2014 filing date," he said, "but I’m being asked by people on a pretty regular basis if I will run for mayor when Mayor (Brent) Ives is termed out. I thought it best to make my intentions public."

In 2008, city voters passed Measure T, which created term limits for the mayor and council members. If elected, a person can serve only two terms in each position. Council members serve four years, while the mayor serves two years.

Maciel said Thursday, July 25, that he isn’t concerned about repercussions of his early announcement.

"If people are going to get get negative, then that’s going to happen," he said. "But my intention was to answer the question that I’ve been getting a lot."

He doesn’t expect to officially begin his campaign until after Jan. 1.

"I don’t like the idea of talking local politics so far ahead of the election," he said. "I want to let people get through the holidays, and then I can begin forming my (campaign) committee and moving forward."

Sandra Edwards, city clerk for Tracy, said on Thursday that Maciel hasn’t filed a candidate intention statement with her office.

Edwards said candidates must file that paperwork before they can solicit or receive campaign contributions.

Once candidates collect at least $1,000, they must file within 10 days a statement of organization recipient committee, according to Edwards.

She said a candidate can file official nomination papers from July 14 to Aug. 8 in an election year.

No candidates had filed an intention statement as of Thursday, according to Edwards.

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August 05, 2013
Looks like it's going to be a sad day for Tracy.
July 28, 2013
Maciel’s election would be a disaster for the people of Tracy. Having observed him in action for the past 4 years, it is tempting to accuse him of dishonesty, malfeasance, and gross – potentially criminal – negligence. However, I think it is more accurate to say that he simply lives in a fantasy world, where all the cops are honorable, where facts that don’t fit his world vision must be wrong, and where the law does not apply to him and his cohorts.
July 30, 2013
So you are tempted to accuse him of a crime but you'll just hint at it instead of making the accusation? Is this an attempt to libel the man while hopefully avoiding a lawsuit since you have no proof of your allegations?
July 30, 2013
This premature campaign notice made possible by;

Authors for The Wine and Dine Foundation - Sphere of Influence.

Characters for Cronyism.

And supporters provided by Good ol' Boy Think Tank.
July 27, 2013
Meatball Maciel. He never met a cheeseburger he couldn't inhale.
July 27, 2013
Is this the best we can do?

Since it is early, I sure hope we can do better than this.
July 26, 2013
Well good. Just don't forget all us "Nameless, Faceless Creatures" when you hit the campaign trail next year.

July 29, 2013
Depends how much money you have to donate.

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