Local voters return incumbents to MH board
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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MOUNTAIN HOUSE — The Mountain House Community Services District board incumbents have retained their seats, according to unofficial election results released by the county registrar of voters Thursday, Nov. 8.

Winning the highest number of votes was Andy Su with 1,268 votes just ahead of incumbents Jim Lamb with 897 votes and Bernice King Tingle with 883 votes. Wrapping up the electoral results were Rajesh Dighe with 763 votes and Tariq Khan with 628 votes, and 17 write-in votes.

All three of the incumbents first got into the board in 2008 with Su topping the ticket with 950 votes, followed by Tingle with 619 votes and Lamb with 567 votes.

After the polls closed on Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. and the results slowly trickle in, Su took an immediate lead of more than 200 votes, which he retained throughout the election.

Although the election has yet to be certified by the registrar, Su said in a telephone interview on election night that he believed the voters supported him based on his political record.

“I didn’t really campaign much,” he said. “I didn’t do any fliers, I didn’t go door-to-door. I think what I’ve done over the last five years in Mountain House speaks for itself.”

“I think I’ve been putting my name out there for the last five years, and honestly even when I tried to have a meet and greet, people already knew me. I was not unknown, like some of the other candidates.”

Finishing second in initial results, Lamb said he wasn’t ready to do a victory lap just yet.

“In first election four years ago, I was behind Cheryle Bernard-Shaw by 40 votes, and over the course of two weeks (after the election), with the absentee and provisionary ballots, I ended up with a 20-point lead,” he said. “I don’t assume this is over until it is certified. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I won’t do a victory lap until it’s certified.”

He hoped that during his next term, board members could have greater unity in their approach to governing the town.

“We’re going to have to figure how to work together and move forward,” Lamb said.

The third-place finisher to win back her board seat, Tingle, said in a telephone interview Thursday that her success was the result of her diligence in going door to door and meeting the voters.

“I went to 90 percent of the (residential) doors,” she said. “I knocked on doors and talked to whoever wanted to speak with me. The interaction, I think, is probably what kept me in office. I am glad the town of Mountain House has a vote of confidence in me.”

Once the election is certified by Dec. 4, the three incumbents will be sworn into office at the board’s first meeting in December.

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