Local gym takes top awards in Fremont
by TP staff
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CrossFit competition
Chris Minten, co-owner of CrossFit Tracy, competes in the sled-push portion of the Husky Throwdown on April 26 at CrossFit Fremont. His team won first place in its division. Courtesy of Jennifer Pope
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CrossFit Tracy proved it has some of the strongest athletes among Northern California CrossFit gyms as it won two top awards at the Husky Throwdown, hosted by CrossFit of Fremont, on April 26 in Fremont.

The local gym sent 24 of its members, all Tracy residents, to the Husky Throwdown, a competition among five CrossFit gyms, including gyms from Union City, Livermore and Brentwood.

CrossFit Tracy’s Purple Cobras, including Bryan Francis, Chris Minten, Emma Rodrigues and Tamara Burg, placed first in the Rx (advanced) division, and the Squattastic 4, including Shelli Grimes, Kelly Denton, Marco Gonzales and Chris Hart, placed first in the scaled (intermediate) division.

Gym co-owner Chris Minten, a member of the Purple Cobras team, said the competition included timed events based on strength and conditioning exercises, including weight lifting and barbell movements, sled pushes, handstand pushups, pull-ups and an 800-meter run while holding medicine balls.

He added that preparation for the competition takes place every day the gym hosts its regular workouts and fitness boot camps at its Commercial Drive facility.

“To prepare for this, they just showed up to classes,” Minten said. “We really didn’t go in there thinking that we needed to win. Everyone went in wanting to do their best.”

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