Council OKs $3 rise in sewer rates
by Joel Danoy
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The Tracy City Council unanimously approved a $3 increase to sewer rates on Tuesday, Aug. 20, for occupants of single-family homes.

The increase is expected to raise the average monthly bill for a single-family home, now $31, to $34, according to the city’s public works department.

The increase, which should last two years, will take effect in 30 days, according to the public works department.

Steve Bayley, a public works project specialist, told council members during a presentation on July 16 that an increase — the first since 2006 — is needed to fund the construction of a $25 million outflow pipeline that will deliver treated wastewater north from Tracy to Old River in Lathrop.

More than half of the cost, about $14 million, will be covered by the rate increase.

Developer fees collected by the city will cover the remaining $11 million.

The 3.5-mile pipeline — which will be able to handle 16 million gallons a day and is expected to last 60 to 80 years — is critical, because will be the only way to discharge the city’s wastewater, according to Bayley.

The existing pipeline, which carries about 9 million gallons of wastewater a day, is more than 40 years old and is showing signs of its age.

There was no discussion by council members before the roll-call vote.

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August 28, 2013
An increase of $3.00 in 7 years seems a reasonable inconvenience to maintain Tracy's sewer system. I appreciate public works being proactive rather than waiting until the existing sewer pipe cracks or bursts.
August 27, 2013
Since the single-family residents are the only ones footing the bill for this new pipeline, does that mean we are the exclusive "users" of this pipeline? No doubt the pipeline needed replacing, but it still boggles my mind as to why homeowners are the only ones on the hook for it's repair. As I have said before, we need to clean house in City Hall!
August 24, 2013
This increase is a sham to the taxpayers of Tracy. If city council would have not given pro-bono sewer fees to Surland that may have been enough to complete this construction without having to tax residents. It's no wonder the fee was rescinded to Surland since Ives is still the mayor. And let's not forget his sidekick, Maciel. The good ole boys are back! And to think, Maciel has said he's running for mayor when Ives' term is up. If Maciel is elected it would be as if Ives never left. Don't make the mistake and vote for Maciel. Anyone else, but not Maciel.

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