Congress deserves our disappointment
by Press Editorial Board
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Our leaders in Washington, D.C., have openly turned on us.

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, the Affordable Care Act took effect. The law was passed by the 111th Congress in 2010 and upheld as constitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

To protest the Affordable Care Act, which is admittedly deeply flawed, the House of Representatives voted 41 times to defund the law before it was finally implemented Tuesday — none of those votes ever passed the Senate.

Now, members of this 113th Congress have decided that the best way to send a message about their displeasure with the process is to deny government services to the American people.

The Defense Logistics Agency San Joaquin in Tracy employs 1,200 civilian employees. Women, Infants and Children, a supplemental nutrition program funded by federal money, serves more than 1,000 people a month from the office at 73 E. 10th St.

It is a sad irony that lawmakers are trying to save the American people from government intrusion into their health by denying the American people jobs, benefits many families sorely need and even access to historical and commemorative public landmarks. A group of American veterans went so far as to overturn barriers erected around the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington when they wanted to visit the site Tuesday.

In fact, the American people are the only ones blameless in this mess.

Rather than working to amend the Affordable Care Act and address its flaws, House Republicans are claiming to uphold the Constitution by raging against a law passed and upheld by every branch of government prescribed by the Constitution.

House Democrats, who lay claim to an historical representation of sticking up for the little guy, want President Barack Obama to take a hard line against the GOP rather than negotiate to end the shutdown and its impact on the people.

The president is buying into the politics of looking tough. He not only failed to find a way to avert this situation before it happened but then waited almost two days after the government shutdown at midnight Tuesday to even meet with congressional leaders.

Whatever your politics, the men and women we elected to represent us are now willing to sacrifice our needs for their political aims. Whatever cable news pundits on every network will say after this is all over, there are no winners in this situation.

The Affordable Care Act is now law. It has been deemed constitutionally sound. The finger-pointing at who is to blame, pyrrhic protesting, smug claims of being poor losers and overall politicking for the sake of politics must stop before the American people are really hurt.

If Congress and President Obama want to help us, they should work together to fix the flaws in the Affordable Care Act. If they cannot do even that much, they should at least stop making our lives more difficult.
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October 05, 2013
Some of us are older and conservative and sound like it to the younger generation. If I could tell the younger generation one thing it would be to lighten up. Realize that you cannot find one good president in your generation and probably never will so stop pretending that your president is tops. He lied about everything and even though I voted for him I am glad that there was a government shutdown. When I heard the president say to raise the debt ceiling it showed me the light, but it took me years to see it. Just wanted to share with you that there probably aint going to be a good president in the near future, as long as our generations are playing GTA and visiting virtual strip clubs in their living rooms and complaining about doing their homework instead of doing their homework. It the nation that makes or breakes a president. And at my age it has dawned on me that we created this mess.
October 11, 2013

Been away fer a few days an didn't see yer comment until now.

Wow! Well said too. Yep, th collective WE created this mess an it's gonna take th collective WE ta fix it.

This AM one of th major media outlets put people's dissatisfaction with Congress at a whoppin 67% whair they apparently want a clean sweep an replace ALL members of Congress regardless of thair like fer some members currently holdin office.

Don't have a figure on th Pres but as I recall it's somewhat th same.

Hopefully our citizenry is wakin up an it ain't too late ta fix it, but honestly I doubt it. Politics will find another pacifier ta sedate th public with an thangs will go back pretty much ta what we see taday.

Hopefully, like th historical inhabitants of Niniva, we will be given a reprieve. Even thin, like historical Niniva, it only took a relatively short period of time before it was destroyed anyway because they went right back ta doin th thangs that got em inta trouble th first go around.

Those who forget history an how thangs were done really seem ta be condemned ta relive it in one fashion or another. Stupid or Ignorant? I side with th former when lookin at our citizenry.
October 04, 2013

True an well spoken. In short, we deserve th government we elect. If we elect a bad en then we got no one else ta blame but ourselves. It's not a High School popularity contest but one of runnin our government correctly an efficiently at th will of th people who elected em. Heard one th other day I like, Politics pronounced polyticks. Poly meanin many, ticks a blood suckin parasite. Seems ta fit th definition of far to many of our elected an appointed officials currently in office taday. Many blood suckin parasites suckin th lifeblood out of America. Note: This crosses ALL party lines an can't be attributed ta any one party. Th party/s are over, time ta get down ta th business of runnin our government at th will of th people don't ya think? With that comes th responsibility of th people ta stop playin at th party an start electin people that are honest an can do th job we send em thair ta do.
October 04, 2013
Ornley, welcome back. Exactly, this crosses all party lines which is why I kept my comment neutral. Grown men leading the greatest country on earth acting like petulant little children, pathetic.

October 04, 2013
"In fact, the American people are the only ones blameless in this mess"

TP's editorial board apparently forgot, or chose to ignore, the fact we the people are the ones who voted the aforementioned rascally politicians into office.

As for the Supreme Court I refer to Jeffersons warning about the judiciary being subject to the same bias all humans possess to some extent. The ruling on the ACA was clearly split between justices along ideological lines and settled by John Roberts who admitted he had concerns about the reputation of the court had the ACA been

struck down along party lines. Clouded judgment? I wonder. Who's responsible for which justices get appointed to the Supreme Court? Hmmm, oh yea, the politicians we the people elect.

The survival of our form of government relies on a well educated and well informed populace. Inept politicians are becoming more prevalent because we the people have become permeated by too many poorly educated and ill-informed zombies.

The American people blameless for this mess? In fact, the American people shoulder most of the blame for this mess.
October 27, 2013
In California, with Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein in the Senate, we are doomed in that our conservative vote is lost. At least in the House of Representatives, we have a chance.

The American voters are responsible for the way they vote -- not knowing the issues and voting straight democratic.

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