Close-knit Millennium class earns diplomas
by Glenn Moore
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Millennium High seniors graduate
Virginia Stewart, executive director of the Tracy Learning Center, congratulates Oluwabukola Fagbolu on receiving his diploma during the Millennium High graduation ceremony Friday, May 24.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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With cheers and tears, Millennium High School seniors of the Class of 2013 received their diplomas on Friday, May 24, at St. Bernard’s Holy Family Center, 12100 W. Valpico Road.

The 81 seniors walked into the auditorium together one last time for the charter school’s sixth commencement.

Seniors traded texts with friends and snapped photos with their classmates as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

Jacob Daniel Eakin was the top student of the Class of 2013 with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

During the commencement ceremony, Alexis Hollins sang “Count on Me” to her fellow graduates and guests.

Jackie Ortega and student body president Erika Brindopke delivered the graduation speeches, saying farewell to a close-knit senior class.

“We have laughed, cried and spent way too much time together,” Brindopke said. “High school passes by way too fast, and sometimes we don’t enjoy the moment. Every one of us has a specific purpose in this world, and I hope that purpose doesn’t go to waste.”

Students filed across the stage to receive their diplomas as family and friends filling the auditorium took pictures and waved signs.

Virginia Stewart, executive director of the Tracy Learning Center, wished the students well and offered them some advice before they “flew from their nest” as Millennium High School Falcons.

Social studies teacher Dan Saldate advised the graduates to take a moment to reflect on their accomplishments and thank their families.

After the ceremony, with his diploma in hand, Gavin Compton searched out friends to hug and congratulate.

“I feel amazing,” Compton said as he celebrated with classmates outside the auditorium. “I thank God every day.”

Compton plans to enroll at Butte College in Oroville before heading to Georgia State University, where he hopes to play baseball.

Marjan Azami, another college-bound graduate, exchanged teary embraces with friends outside following the graduation ceremony.

“I’m happy we’re finally done,” Azami said. “I’m heading to Los Positas College — then I’m going to start living my life.”

Millennium High is part of Tracy Learning Center, a K-12 charter school.

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Millennium High School Class of 2013

Aguayo, Daisey

Aguayo, Danny

Aguilera, Marco Antonio

Aini, Ariana

Amerihsani, Kiana (University of the Pacific, $10,000 per semester)

Arreola, Carolina

Azami, Marjan Iman

Babon, Shealene Faye

Briggs, Rachel Leigh (Tracy Rotary Club, $750)

Brindopke, Erika Diane (Tracy Rotary Club, $1000)

Brown, Megan Leigh (Willamette University, $14,000 per semester)

Camacho Suarez, Janet Alejandra

Chavez, Alexis Gerardo

Compton, Gavin Perry Leon

Cortes-Barajas, Cazandra Cristal

Cota, Jorge Jose

Davis, Abigail Julia

Davis, Naomi Elizabeth

DeWitt, Mark Timothy

Di Geronimo, Nicholas Joseph (All-County Distinguished Student Pinnacle Award Team)

Diaz Mata, Emma Marina (Brighter Christmas, $750)

Duarte, Jacqueline Christina

Eakin, Jacob Daniel (Brighter Christmas, $750; A. Dale Lackey Scholarship, $600)

Estes, Derek Michael

Fagbolu, Oluwabukola Ayobamidele

Faultner, Terrick Michael

Fisher, Brendan James (Cash For College, $1,000)

Furlan, Karla Alexandra

Gonzalez, Cassandra Michelle

Guerrero, Alexis Marie (Menlo College, $12,000 per year; Grand Canyon University, $6,000 per year)

Guillen, Mayra Ivette

Higbe, Rakhel Elizabeth

Hollins, Alexis Stella

Hosman, Nicholas Glenn

Hunter, Jake

Imgrund, Michael Andrew

Kemper, Matthew Allen

Kilburn, Benjamin Patrick

Kish, Kyle C.

Lamb, Michael James

Lambert, Alex Everett (University of Idaho, $9,000 each year)

Larson, Austin Ray

Lopez, Fernando Paul

Loza, Ricardo

Lukach, John William

Magtibay, Kristen Rae

Mangat, Ramanjot Kaur

Manosov, Liran

Martinez, Angel Joseph

Martinez, Daryl Richard

Martinez, Diego Francisco

McEldowney, Alexander Thomas (University of Pacific, $13,000 each year; Grand Canyon University, $8,000 each year)

Miller, Colin Rhea

Miranda Montelongo, Edgar Joel

Montejano, Kevin Francisco

Murawski, Kyle Matthew (DeVry University, $2,500 per semester)

Ortega, Jacqueline Andrea

Ortega-Valdez, Adaliz (Grand Canyon University, $8,000 each year)

Pacana, Camille Arcadia Salazar

Parras, Stephen William

Pauley, Eric Edward

Pedroza, Efrain Fermin

Ravnik-Neufeld, Tianna-Marie Colleen

Reyes, Breana Andrea

Rojas, Karina Lizbeth (Tracy Hispanic Business Group, $500; Tracy Rotary Club, $1,000)

Sahibzadah, Benafsha

Sanchez, David Medrano

Sanchez, Lizbeth

Sewak, Sheryl Suman

Shah, Nader Ali

Sixby, Timothy Logan

Smith, LaKayla Sherrel

Snodgrass, Danielle Nicole

Solares, Daniel Alexander

Viernes, Jonas Alfonso Vianni Varias

Walten, Marissa Angelica (Holy Names University, $18,000 each year)

Wasson, Eric Belanger

Wise, Sonya Marie

Wright, Devon Ashton

Yanke, Zachary Dean

Ziller, Drew Mason

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June 02, 2013
Congratulations to all of our local graduates and I wish you all a successful future.

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