Cafe to feature fresh bagels
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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Bagel Street Cafe coming soon
The Bagel Street Café is slated to open in mid-November.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Bagel lovers are going to want to check out the arrival of a new bagel spot that features 20 to 30 varieties of freshly made bagels.

The Bagel Street Café at 1875 W. 11th St. is a family owned and operated business that will move into space once occupied by Baja Fresh Mexican Grill.

Jenny Truong, her husband Minh, and her brother’s Johnny and Bill will be co-owners of the new Tracy franchise.

The café has grown out of the Bay Area since the first one opened in 1996 in Alamo by founder Sam Tan.

After working for years at the Bagel Street Café’s owned by her relatives, Jenny Truong said she always wanted to have her own shop. She said she decided her time had come in 2004 after her relative, Quan Lune, opened his bagel shop in Dublin.

“I told Sam it was time for me to have a bagel shop,” she said. “I checked around and around and I noticed Tracy doesn’t have bagel store.”

With her husband Minh Truong already operating a vehicle lube shop in Tracy, Superlube Plus at 1170 Lincoln Blvd., she decided Tracy was the right place for her business too.

“I wanted one so bad, so we ended up and got a shop,” she said. “My dream come true; my dream to have my own store.”

The Bagel Street Café will feature freshly baked bagels produced out of their bagel centers in Fremont and Millbrae and delivered to all of the café’s hot and fresh on the hour.

The motto is ‘treat others the same way you’d like to be treated,’ catering their menu to their customers liking.

The café menu features bagels galore, such as jalapeno, wheat, blueberry, sun-dried tomato and cinnamon raisin, as well as classics that include onion, poppy, garlic and marble-rye. They also feature their own brand of lite cream cheese spreads to complement the bagel flavors such as veggie, honey almond, salmon, and walnut raisin blueberry.

Their signature dishes include bagel pizzas like the veggie and garlic butter with mozzarella or specialty sandwiches like the turkey, bacon and cheese, or the chicken salad with avocado. Other menu items include soups and salads.

“I’m going to make it (shop) cozy with a family menu, and a kids menu,” Truong said.

The Bagel Street Café will be open seven days a week from 5 a.m. to possibly 6 p.m. Truong said she wants to set her hours to meet the demand of her customers, even though all of their other bagel shops typically close at 4 p.m.

The Bagel Street Café is slated to open in mid-November.

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October 14, 2012
When and where will you be accepting job applications?

October 08, 2012
I am soooo glad that Tracy is getting a Bagel Shop. This is something that Tracy lacks. I think this new addition will do well. And it's right around the corner from me.

October 04, 2012

The Bagel Street Café will feature freshly baked bagels produced out of their bagel centers in Fremont and Millbrae and delivered to all of the café’s hot and fresh on the hour.

I wish I could get from Millbrae to Tracy in an hour...
October 04, 2012
The Bagel shop is great and I am looking foward to it!

But can you tell your husband to fix up the landscaping around his lube place in front of the 99 cent store?

If you dont want to mess with landscaping than just install and low maintence garden.

Either way the front of your lube place looks filthy and i won't do business there because of that.
October 04, 2012
Just what Tracy needs,another place to eat and get fat. Besides orange chicken, bagels are the worst thing you should eat.
October 04, 2012
Ok then, I'll have a bagel with orange chicken.

That sound good.

October 04, 2012
So it is fer eating crap yet I notice ya offer that bill of fare as ya "food police" the rest of society.

I find it refreshin ta see somethang else fer a change so I am not eatin th same thang over an over every day.

Living on orange chicken an a bagel is just as bad fer ya as livin on any other sole food source. It's th balanced diet ya should be strivin fer. A little of this an a little of that. A bagle with orange chicken ain't harmful once an awhile. It's that same monotonous diet of eatin th same thang every day that's bad fer ya.
October 04, 2012
Here's an idea, don't go there to eat, simple. Also, for people like me who bust their a** in the gym and stay in shape orange chicken and or a bagel now & then is no big deal. It's not the food making people fat, it's the person they see in the mirror everyday and their poor habits.

By the way, what do you look like body wise?

Didn't some of us walk this path when a new McDonalds was announced? It's getting old hearing people blame things on everything and everybody other than the one they should look to the most - hint, go find a mirror.
October 04, 2012
The fat bumpkins need to stay fat, otherwise who will fit in the big pick up trucks and SUV's?
October 03, 2012
Jenny, Best of Luck!! Most of all Thank You for noticing there is not a bagel shop here! I come from Dublin, we have many choices. We look very much forward to your grand Opening!
October 04, 2012
Once a week I treat myself to a bagle-wich at the bagel store in dublin near ulferts/safeway and now I can do that once a week in my home town of TRACY. I'm soon to be a happier person!

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