Brewing with love
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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Couple wed at coffee house
Elizabeth Miller and Kenneth Fountain kiss as they wed on Valentine’s Day inside Barista’s Coffee House, 112 W. 10th St., on Thursday, Feb. 14.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air as Tracy residents Kenneth Fountain and Elizabeth Miller tied the knot at their favorite coffee shop on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, Feb. 14.

To celebrate their union, the couple chose the site of their first date — Barista’s Coffee House at 112 W. 10th Street. At 12:30 p.m. the couple said their “I do’s” followed by cheers from onlookers.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” Fountain said. “Finally, finally — all morning I’ve been nervous with butterflies.”

Miller held a bouquet of white silk roses during the ceremony.

“It’s wonderful,” she said afterward. “I thought I’d be flustered. I thought I’d flub a line I had to repeat.”

Moments after Fountain’s 11-year-old son Damien handed over the rings, the couple softly said a few heartfelt words before Reverend Edward Boulanger pronounced them husband and wife.

During an interview on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at Barista’s, Miller described the popular hangout as “my favorite place.” The couple also brought their marriage license.

“It’s like Cheers without the alcohol,” she said. “This is really special.”

Harish Patel, owner of Barista’s, said it “blew me away” when Fountain asked him on Tuesday to hold the wedding inside the shop.

“That was unexpected,” he said. “And to have it on Valentine’s Day, that’s exciting.”

Fountain said Tuesday they chose the holiday because it was “easy to remember;” while Miller joked it guaranteed her chocolates on their anniversary.

Dating off and on for three years, Fountain — who is a tow truck driver — said the couple met when he was dispatched from All Star Heavy Haul & Towing to help Miller, whose car had broken down outside of the 99 Cent Store at 1320 W. 11th Street.

During the ride to the shop, the pair realized they instantly clicked.

“We were talking and talking about a bunch of stuff and when we departed he asked if I was dating,” Miller said.

Once Fountain got permission from Miller’s 32-year-old son, the couple went on their first date — coffee at Barista’s. It’s a place she frequented to assist homeless as a member of the Coalition of Tracy Citizens to Assist the Homeless.

“I thought he was cute,” she said. “I think of him as my big burly Viking. It was a match made in heaven.”

Fountain said their love of classic cars brought them even closer together, particularly when they rebuilt the engine of a 1957 Apache; him supervising her labor of love.

“She was the first girl who wanted to work on a car,” he said.

Having both been previously married, him four times and her three, they celebrated their special day with family and friends.

“I liked it,” said Fountain’s former sister-in-law, Sabrina Fountain, who also served as the couple’s official witness. “It was different, right?”

The groom said they plan to eventually take a trip to visit his family in Tennessee to celebrate their honeymoon.

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