Altamont repaving planned but not soon
by Sam Matthews
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A couple of weeks ago, this space reported that the multilane freeway over the Altamont Pass west of town had reached its 75th anniversary.

Opening ceremonies had been held Aug. 4, 1938, on the first four-lane roadway of what is now an eight-lane section of Interstate 580.

And I mentioned that some parts of the roadway had become quite bumpy, something local commuters have to deal with on their daily trips to and from jobs in the Bay Area.

I asked the public information department of Caltrans Division 4’s office in Oakland when the Altamont Pass is would be repaved.

Anyone hoping for improvements in the roadbed being made anytime soon will be disappointed. It will be awhile.

The project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016 and be completed more than two years later, in the fall of 2018, according to information from a Caltrans spokesperson.

The repaving is described in Caltrans lingo as “Ala 580 and 205 Pavement Rehabilitation Project (EA 3G590) to rehabilitate pavement (repair existing asphalt concrete pavement and concrete pavement with asphalt concrete overlay) and construct traffic safety improvements (such as upgrade of metal beam guard railing, construct concrete barrier, curve warning sign with flash beacon and rumble strips in shoulders, etc.)”

The project, all in Alameda County, will extend 7.8 miles on I-580 and I-205. Its cost: $58 million.

Anyway, that’s the official word from Caltrans, and as we all know, the starting and finishing dates could be changed at any time.

Books on the way

Messages from two former Tracy residents who have been, or now are, writing books indicates that progress toward publishing is underway.

Jerry Joyce has written “Monday Morning Memos,” a compilation of 52 memos he sent out each Monday for a year’s time while he was an interim controller with a blossoming high-tech firm in Silicon Valley.

Jerry, who bills himself as “The Interim Controller,” says the book about his experiences in the high-tech world while living in Tracy will be published soon.

While here, Jerry was active in the Tracy Chamber of Commerce for several years at a time when the chamber was having tough sledding financially. Jerry’s expertise with handling money and in business operations did a lot to keep the chamber afloat.

The other message came from Albert Correia, a Tracy native who has been living many years in Costa Rica. He reports that his novel “Even in Eden,” completed several years ago, has finally been accepted by a publisher. Kamel Press in Virginia has agreed to publish “Even in Eden” and two sequels, beginning in January.

Another Tracy Chamber tie: Al’s sister is Tracyite Dena Fagundes, a former chamber manager.

Tracy High: take a look

For those of you who have never taken a close-up look at the new buildings at Tracy High School — and they are impressive — you have a chance to do so Saturday morning.

After Wayne Schneider Stadium is dedicated tonight, tours of the virtually reconstructed campus are scheduled at 10 a.m. and noon Saturday. I assume the new stadium is part of the tours and should be an interesting part of the tours..

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